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Sep. 19th, 2006

(no subject)

Your Name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

- Jessica Blade -

< this is ben after i put sunscreen on him when we were away...>

Sep. 18th, 2006

week nine tutorial...!

hey guys!!! last wek in tutorial i had my little sister in class cos we went to the dentist together after class, so that's why i had a little shadow all day! lol! she never wants to come to uni again cos she said that the teachers read funny!!! such a silly girl... anyway, i found it interesting to note the comment by David Malouf on long sentences which was that they "contain a whole lot of impressions that belong together". i found it quite difficult to read his long sentences as the long words seemed to drag down the sentences, but i suppose literature is a work of art, and with art comes personal choice. the discussion in class was quite good, and talk about the other two poems, about conflicting ideas and atttudes gave me inspiration in my own writing... hope you had a good week! see you in the tutorial! 

ps. the picture below is of my sister on the left, and bens sister brooke on the right...

Sep. 14th, 2006

(no subject)

as most of you know, i went to school with tamara in our english course, and this is a photo of her out for dinner with my family and bens family after the HSC, and it also happened to be the day that i got my car, the little blue hyundai getz that is always floating around uni...!

this is another photo of us (or me) being an idiot dressing up for my "pretend first day of uni"... such losers!!!

fun times, fun times... have to work on that again!!!

hope you all enjoyed laughing at me, i am sure tam has worse photos, actually, i know she does..! oh dear, 

have a good one kiddies!!!

more photos... continued!

this here is a picture of my little cousin abbey, this is her at christmas lat year, but i thought since i was in a picture mood, i would introduce you to the bub! the other picture is one that ben likes, and he said that i had o pt it up... i don't like it, but anyway!!!

i much prefer this photo of us away in queensland below... very exotic!!!

photo time!!!!!

back to where i was last night guys... this is a picture of me and my sister and ben in the car driving to our holiday place... we had heaps of fun, and got very sunburnt!!! ouch!

this is a picture of me, ben's brother todd, and my friend luke at a party not so lon ago having a great time as usual at our Penrith parties!!!

this is another mate of mine of whom i spent the whole of primary school with, and ended up spending the whole of high school together! we had the best time! he is now in a band called amberdeen, check it out on the net!!!

this is some of our gang in good old penrith, and this is just a happy snap! there is me and amy on the left, bek in the middle and michael on the right...

finally, this is me an ben, a bit tipsy and having fun on the beach in FIJI on a hot summers evenin after dinner and a bit of kareoke with friends! sounds so good, i just want to go back!

Sep. 13th, 2006

(no subject)

hey guys, this is a picture of my gorgeous boyfriend of three and a half years, ben! this is him when we went away to FIJI together this year...

i am just going to have my dinner, so i will upload more later... luv ashie x o x o x

Sep. 11th, 2006



cool stuff to check oout!!!

In a Past Life...
You Were: A Friendly Fortune Teller.

Where You Lived: Ukraine.

How You Died: Natural causes.

hey guys, i was reading all your very good journals! and i found this cool thing on Noelles journal... all check it out!

week nine comment... david malouf!

Hey guys!

How did you all find today’s lecture??? I found it really interesting to listen to an actual writer and also to hear David Malouf’s reasoning and motif for writing such a powerful novel that is deeply contained in our history as we know it. I found it quite absurd that he had not plot or outline that h wanted to follow, rather he just came up with ideas as he progressed through his writing. The story begins with Adair looking for Fergus, and Malouf said that this was what he saw as the “beginning” of his story’s plot.

The book questions the establishment of order in early Australia, and the way in which society was dealt with. The book questions whether the establishment of order is more important than justice? I found this question agreeable from both sides… Malouf left us with a question that was “what is more important? Absolute justice or absolute humanity?”  This is what the readers question themselves through reading the book, and Malouf aimed to give the reader their own opinion of what is written down. Malouf suggested that all forms of art intertwine and assist each other in their processes. He gave the example that as a writer, he gained inspiration from listening to music, and the person of whom he listened to, used literature as an inspiration for his music.

Malouf also explained that his writing was about calling into question what the writing was about, not concluding the text. The story presented in Conversations at Curlow Creek reflects a story of life and has direct connotations to the way in which we view life.

The only thing I tended to disagree with Malouf on was the fact that he openly stated that a writer has no convictions, and the writer does not always know what they are talking about. I believe that literature is from the heart and for someone to write; there must be some sense of conviction about it.

Overall, I think that I gained a fuller understanding of the text by listening to Malouf, and now I can better understand the text he has presented us with. Have a good rest of the week!!!

x o x o x Luv ash x o x o x

ps. how hot is eric grothe???!!!


Sep. 7th, 2006

week eight

I found the discussion by Michael about this book really interesting. I found that the book displayed a modern understanding of nature. The book is an exploration of what goes on in the human mind, awakening to the truth of what it is or means to be a human. In a way, it goes deeper into the inside of the human experience.


The first paragraph uses language that seems to take us as the reader on an imaginative seemingly journey. The long and elongated sentences take us from the door, to the hut, and eventually to the shadows that surround the hut, and reveals to us what cannot be seen. Outside there is a sense of a beautifully shining moon, and the language of the author takes us into the mind of the character.


The author does not use “___” for dialogue and just “slots” in the text by the characters. The author also breaks a lot of writing conventions, by doing this. We as the reader work hard to piece together the fragments of information we are told, whilst working with the author.


The whole novel seems to be contained in one phrase about fear, and there is a deep irony in the novel, Adair represents the British authorities and represents an us vs. them mentality.


All in all, an interesting piece of literature…!


Have a good one!


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